Puppy Socialisation

What is the truth behind puppy socialisation. Is it important for your puppy to be socialised to other puppies after you pick it up from the pet shop or breeder?
What impact does taking your puppy to a “Puppy Preschool” have on its long term behaviour. It can be positive if the classes are taught correctly but it can also have a negative effect if the instructor does not understand the different temperaments of the pups involved.
It is simply not good enough to let the pups run off lead and “sort it out”. There are so many chances for one pup to have a negative experience with another. For example if a pup stands over another one, backs it into a corner and causes the more submissive pup to display fear aggression. Then when this happens the well meaning instructor or owner takes away the dominant pup which reinforces the fear based behaviour of the submissive pup.

All classes need to be well controlled and should always start via the owner being taught to not act out inappropriately and remain calm.

Good Training, MD.