About this site and how and why it will work.

Ok so you have a dog that needs some training. It is either annoying you with its bad behaviour. Or you need to train it in a new skill. You love your dog and you are a person who is motivated to achieve the best out of your dog.

So what do you do about it?

You need to train it. I know sounds obvious right? But do you really know how to train your dog effectively to achieve the results you want? I mean using techniques that are not only simple, but proven over many years by a person that has experience in all areas of dog training, behavior and in low to high level applications.

What if I told you I could give you access to that knowledge? What if there was a way to apply that knowledge yourself easily that would guarantee to solve your dog training requirements.

Well now there is…..Welcome to MD’s Online Dog Training!!

My name is Martin Dominick…. and why should you listen to me?

I first started my career in professional dog training and handling in 1986 by joining the R.A.A.F Police Dog Mustering


I was taught by excellent instructors how to be a professional Military Police Dog handler with the role of protecting major assets and VIP’s using a highly trained police dog capable of fantastic off lead obedience, tracking offenders, protecting me from threat and if necessary taking down those offenders, off lead in all types of situations.

Since then I have traveled the world training dogs and handlers for many different roles,, like presidential security and explosives detection, I’ve trained dogs for TV shows like Home and Away, trained Cadaver Detection Dogs to assist private clients find closure, trained dogs to find bee disease in hives, endangered animals, termites, mold, bed bugs, and victims of disaster.

I’ve trained pups for families and drug dogs for overseas Royal Police.

I’ve helped people with extreme fear of dogs to learn how to love dogs again.

I am a published author on a detection dog project in a Scientific Journal. I’ve written a Security Dog Handler Course and sit on an International Board of Dog Training and Assessment Professionals based in Europe.

Why am I saying all of this? It is not to brag I can assure you, it is purely to build some level of initial trust between you and I, that I know what I am talking about when it comes to dog behavior and training. I want you to know that you wont be wasting your time reading on and discovering what I have to offer you that will help you live a more relaxed, balanced and amazingly, enjoyable life with your dog.

So the question is…can I help you?

My goal is to help you have a great life with your dog.

I will cut through the hype, clear up the absolutely overwhelming amount of information that you could spend months and months trawling through to find the answer to your dog training requirements.

That is where I come in. I can develop with you a program that encompasses your particular set of circumstances. Your daily routine, your lifestyle challenges, your dog’s problems, your training goals, your family dynamics and your own level of dog knowledge.

Let me hold your hand and walk you through the minefield of frustration, info overload, and seemingly insurmountable number of dog problems and training options.


Notice there is only one question here….

This is the main question we get from people wanting to use our service so I have given an answer here for you to allay any fears in investing in this service.

How can I train my dog using Skype? Don’t I have to be face to face with you?

No not at all. If you are person that can follow instruction and apply what you learn you will have success with your dog training. If you are a person that cannot do this then it wont matter how the instruction is delivered you wont have success anyway. As the dog owner it is your responsibility to work with your dog every day according to your lifestyle, demands and training and behavior goals. I will give you the information you need to work with your dog in a way that improves the behavior and I will support you through that learning curve but ultimately you need to step up and take the lead and become the dog owner your dog needs, and I will be there to support you.

Here are some of the problems we have fixed with motivated dog owners using the Skype service.

  • High level aggression on lead when other dogs approach
  • Pulling on the lead making the walk ridiculous and uncomfortable
  • Destructive behavior in the back yard during the day when the owners were at work causing thousands of dollars damage
  • Barking incessantly while the owners were away. The local council had be contacted and the owners were at their wits end because of the fights with the neighbours. This problem was solved using just 2 of our 4 processes.
  • Aggression between two dogs in the same family, where there was never aggression previously.
  • A high energy dog that was not aggressive or necessarily disobedient it just demanded constant interaction from the work from home owner.
  • We have trained dog owners to develop their dog into effective family protectors. From puppy to adult we have guided owners every step of the way to create safe, reliable dogs for this role

There are many more stories of dog ownership that has turned from, frustrating nearly getting rid of the dog situations to situations where the owners now enjoy their dog fully without the day to day stress. Pups that are frustrated in the backyard causing destruction and mayhem that have turned into useful family members.

I am here to help you….

The only other question I need to answer here is what f you don’t have Skype?

It is a free service and you can download it simply: Just go here www.skype.com

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