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Would you like quick access to an experienced dog trainer without leaving the comfort of your home?
Are you worried about your dog because of it’s behavior? Do you want to train your new dog or puppy in a particular skill? Do you think your dog has talent that is awesome?
Then online training sessions at a time that suits you is the answer.
We offer our amazing dog training programs to you in your home, no matter your location!
How? Book one of our Skype programs and get started today.
Our Skype program allows total flexibility in training, personalised to your needs.

Don’t get rid of your dog, get rid of the problem!
Online Dog Training Via Skype

Welcome to MD’s Online Dog Training. We have the answers you are seeking right here in this site to all of your dog training problems, dog training advice and guidance, specific requirements or goals. My name is Martin Dominick and I am your training facilitator. Together with my team we have developed a system of training that can be accessed easily online when you need it, wherever you are. Our experience covers training of cute puppies through to high level operational working dogs for international government agencies and everything dog in between.  This means you will receive solid, no-nonsense help with your dog training requirements.

Click on the link below and schedule your Skype sessions today. I look forward to helping you.

Because Dogs Don’t Come with Instructions!


Online Dog Training Works on both Windows- Android and Mac


Online Dog Training - We are mobile Friendly


DOG BEHAVIOUR PROBLEMS –  Does this relate to you? Our training is based on 30 years of professional dog training and handling experience. We know dogs, we love dogs and they are our life. From that experience we know the single biggest issue with all dog behavior problems, is the lack of basic knowledge an owner has about dog psychology and how to apply it to their dog or dogs. Once the dog owners are guided down the right path of training and handling relevant to their dog and lifestyle, the problem simply dissipates. If you are here it is because you need help with that aspect of dog ownership. Congratulations well done for taking the step to become a responsible, dog owner. One who understands their dog and knows how to deliver the right balance of control, play and love, for optimum lifestyle results.


“Only when dog owners take personal responsibility for their dog’s behavior – no matter the root cause, will the door open for effective training to begin”

-Martin Dominick-


What are the benefits of Online Dog Training?

1. Quick access to dog problem or training advice solutions.
2. Face to face sessions where you can learn the techniques in the comfort of your home.
3. Cheaper than a regular in-home training session.
4. We can observe your dog’s behavior without it being distracted by our presence. Real time, real behavior.
5. Handy support on your mobile device no matter where you are
6. Sessions can be tailored for when your whole family is at home.
7. Your location doesn’t matter. All you need is an internet connection and a Skype account.(Don’t have a Skype account? Go here its free!!
8. Our programs are individually designed to suit your lifestyle needs.

The K9 Skype Sessions are for you, if;

  • you are sick of waking up to or coming home to a destruction zone compliments of your furry friend
  • you cannot walk your dog on its lead without it extending your arm to point of snapping off
  • you are scared of walking around other dogs because of the aggressive actions of your dog.
  • you have any other problem with your dog that causes you and your family stress.
  • you have a well behaved dog but you want some expert guidance on developing a new skill.

What do you get?

  • Four (4) one-on-one 30 minute Skype sessions with me. We drill down to the core of the problem or training requirement on the first call and you will go away with actionable exercises to immediately see results with your dog. You will have access to our K9 Smart Programs System. Proven results. Step by step process.
  • You will get unlimited email support for a period of 6 weeks. Why 6 weeks because we need to put a time limit on the training to ensure consistency
  • Once you sign up we will send to your email a pre-call questionnaire to complete so we can hit the ground running on the first session.
  • A shortcut through the absolutely overwhelming amount of information online to information that works, is proven, is in use today by me with my face to face clients, coming from 30 years professional dog training and handling experience
  • Relevant re-alignment input to ensure the program stays on track. It keeps you accountable to the program so you will see the results you’re after.
  • Your own individual K9 Smart Skype Sessions Road Map based on your own circumstances, training goals, family dynamics and level of experience.

During the program we will:

  • Solve the dog problem you are having
  • Create a training program to help you develop your dog’s new required skill.
  • Learn how easy it is to live harmoniously with your dog.
  • Learn the 4 easy to learn processes that will ensure you have a well-behaved dog, now and in the future.
  • Dig down deep in to the real issues causing your dog’s behavior problems.
  • Teach you the basics of dog psychology so you have the tools to use each day with your dog that ensures program success.

Schedule your online dog training consult with me today and lets get started with your dog training requirement!!

  Simple, fast access to your own personal dog trainer, right in the comfort of your own home



Testimonial 1.
“Martin is our trainer. He has the ability to remove the frustration we were having with our dog and deliver a program that suited our busy lifestyle. He wont mince his words and has a way to make you realize your inner dog trainer.”

Caroline C – Redcliffe QLD

Our training techniques take into account a number of different things relevant to your desired goal; the behavior the dog is displaying, the dynamics of the dog owners and family, the breed characteristics, how dangerous the dog’s behavior is and whether after thorough assessment there is a likelihood of training success. No one technique is right for all problems. A balanced approach is required to successfully deal with the problems we regularly encounter.

Purely positive reinforcement wont work in a large number of cases. Sometimes tough love is the answer for both the dog and its owners. With tough love we have successfully rehabilitated a large number dogs that have been deemed too dangerous for society into loving homes. Our open-minded approach to various training techniques, with a focus on achieving the right outcome for the dog has proven successful over and over again.

Testimonial 2.

“My partner and I have a new GSD puppy. We are training her in family protection and with Martins help we are able to develop her during the early stages correctly via the online training sessions. We live in regional Queensland. Very happy with the results.”

Jade T – Rockhampton – QLD

Online Dog Training in conjunction with The K9 Centre